Publications by Suzanne

Running to the Empty Tomb: Finding the Joy in Easter

Does Easter pass in a blur of colored eggs and feasting but leave you spiritually craving for more? This though-provoking devotional will reignite your love for God and deepen your grasp of the Gospel You will joyfully run to discover the empty tomb and what it means for you. The book consists of meditations with Scripture for each weekday from Ash Wednesday until Jesus’ last week of ministry on Earth (Holy Week), plus meditations for each day of Holy week, including Palm Sunday, the weekdays of Holy Week, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. There are 36 mediations in all.

The devotional can be purchased on Amazon or Bookbaby. A companion Bible Study will be released in early 2018.

Digital Publications

“A Hidden Story” Document to the People Winter Issue 2012, Vol 40, No. 4

A “Hidden Story” tells the true tale of American Indians’ crucial involvement in World Wars I and II. These heroes used their native tongues to code messages, which saved American lives, yet their stories remained untold until most of the participants had died.

“Time of Death”

“The Time of Death” explores questions raised by loved ones’ deaths and death’s strange warping of time.