Living God


Rarely does a handwritten note lean inside my mailbox anymore. Now when I tip back its door, travel brochures lay this way and that, each covered with colorful scenes competing against other mailers. Sometimes I trudge up the steep sidewalk with mail in hand and relax on a porch chair to peruse destinations on the …

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Jesus on Screen

Buttered popcorn permeates the air as twelve of us take our seats in our neighbor’s garage. He fiddles with his computer until the film fills a sheet-sized screen and a musical prelude sings. We’re watching The Chosen, a video adaption of the Gospels. I can see why some might not feel comfortable with imagined backstories …

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Revising Recipes

We shuffled in the potluck line, looking ahead to see the choices. A basket of brown bread caught my eye. A German woman brought it, and she proudly exclaimed that her son had perfected the sourdough recipe to taste just like it did in Bavaria.   “Your bread is marvelous. Could I have a bit of your …

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