Jesus on Screen

Buttered popcorn permeates the air as twelve of us take our seats in our neighbor’s garage. He fiddles with his computer until the film fills a sheet-sized screen and a musical prelude sings. We’re watching The Chosen, a video adaption of the Gospels. I can see why some might not feel comfortable with imagined backstories …

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Hidden Life

Trees, barren of leaves and color, appear dead in winter. Winter that period of waiting, waiting, waiting, with our feet on the edge of despair, willing for life to return when there’s no sign of it. Does life still run underground,  bubbling in secret? Weeds have crept over the garden so slowly that I hadn’t …

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First Love

I remember that first love for my husband. I also remember that first love when I grasped Jesus’ love for me. Time has softened the ridges and washouts of both loves, but often my love becomes downright dull. I pull clothes off hangers and sort laundry, spray stains and search pockets. I fold and hang, …

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Is This Love?

Zebra drapes across my legs, and I stroke his striped coat. I can hear and feel his purrs, which echo my own enchantment. Is this love? A cool front sweeps away another bout of fog which had hung in the air for days. The air whisks with clarity and exuberance, lifting me in its curling …

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Too Intentional??

“It was great running into you. Let’s do lunch.” “I’d love to—stay in touch.” Friends hug and wave goodbye as they step in different directions with their minds already on the next destination. As days pass, then months, their sincere talk of lunch is locked in the past.  To remedy this “out-of-sight/out-of-mind” situation, the zeitgeist …

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