Jesus on Screen

Buttered popcorn permeates the air as twelve of us take our seats in our neighbor’s garage. He fiddles with his computer until the film fills a sheet-sized screen and a musical prelude sings. We’re watching The Chosen, a video adaption of the Gospels. I can see why some might not feel comfortable with imagined backstories …

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  Today, I post new friend, Jen Neimann’s, guest blog. Jen Niemann is a Jesus lover, wife, and mom to two young adults, and lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with her husband and Jazzy the cat. A former RN and caregiver, she enjoys dabbling in writing, gardening, worship dance, and being active in her church’s Women’s …

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True-Blue Christmas

“Are you ready for the holidays?” My doctor asked by way of greeting.  “Mostly, I guess.”  He quickly followed up, almost cutting me off. “All the activity for one day, and then it’s over. After just one day, it’s all over.” I kick myself for not speaking what popped in my head, It’s not over …

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