True-Blue Christmas

“Are you ready for the holidays?” My doctor asked by way of greeting.  “Mostly, I guess.”  He quickly followed up, almost cutting me off. “All the activity for one day, and then it’s over. After just one day, it’s all over.” I kick myself for not speaking what popped in my head, It’s not over …

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Everything is Awesome, Maybe?

  The long awaited Friday arrived for my first backpacking trip. The responsibility for our parents had passed into God’s hands. My gimp foot was repaired, and I built endurance by walking  more each week. I borrowed or bought equipment, and Mike squinted over maps, adding miles and noting water sources. He reserved  shelters. We …

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Lost and Found

With the popularity of comic book characters, you’ve probably thought of what superpower you’d like to have. The ability to fly is high on most peoples’ lists. Time travel and instantaneous distance travel would be pretty nifty too. My choice, however, would be the ability to remember. Wouldn’t you love to keep neat files in …

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Breaking in Spring

Spring break has been rocking in our backyard. The music has been gloriously loud, so much chatter that I don’t mind being an observer instead of a participant. Just listen to the audio file above while you read. Robins dominate the crowd in number, but cardinals and other small songbirds chime in above the hubbub. …

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The Big Picture

  Six hikers collapsed on the tundra. Throughout our foray winding up the mountain on switchbacks through boreal forests, munching lunch on a summit, then knee-jarring our way back down, I repeated every fact our guide, Ryan, described. He introduced us to plants and animals as he would old acquaintances, giving their names accompanied by …

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