Sink or Swim?

  Mother and Father relaxed on the couch reading the Sunday paper. Brother sat on his knees focused on a game board and on his sister, who rolled the dice. The moment the dice landed, she bumped the board, which tumbled the dotted cubes. She grabbed her silver dog and skipped it across the blue …

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Mothers’ Day, No Regrets

Searching for a lost list, I unexpectedly landed in a completely different world. I found my writings after Mother died of cancer in 2010. Their raw emotion, untidied by literary rules, transported me to bloody battles with me as the enemy on both sides. Mothers’ Day falls this coming weekend. That journal resurfacing now seems …

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God Answers in Mysterious Ways

LORD of Birds and Questions On my morning walk in the neighborhood, I head south on Oceola Avenue and the sun burns like a campfire on my left cheek. The low elevation of this street prevents development on three contiguous lots, so grasses sweep down from the road to the bayou, framing an inspiring view. …

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