Sink or Swim?

  Mother and Father relaxed on the couch reading the Sunday paper. Brother sat on his knees focused on a game board and on his sister, who rolled the dice. The moment the dice landed, she bumped the board, which tumbled the dotted cubes. She grabbed her silver dog and skipped it across the blue …

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To Lent or Not to Lent

Tomorrow Lent begins. Drum roll……………….Will you participate this year?  Lent is like Advent. In Advent, we try to wrap our minds around God entering our world as a vulnerable baby. Wow. In Lent, we mull over this God/Man, Jesus, remaining vulnerable to death so we can enter new life. Lent seems to have a pall …

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Get Ready, It’s Coming

  I look forward to Lent. How is that possible? Lent is six and a half weeks of examining my darker side, a time of self-denial and of focus on the sacrifice of Christ Jesus. I wish Lent would hurry and get here, because I am sick and tired of indulging myself, literally. I crave …

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Your Left Foot In, Your Right Foot Out

Bags packed. ✔️ Boarding passes printed. ✔️House locked. ✔️TSA traversed.✔️ We found two vacant seats, parked our carry-ons and sat. Whew.  A quiet Voice gained my attention,“Why are you so uptight? Reset your perspective.” I pulled out the earbuds and wedged them in my ears, then found an app a friend shared (Pray As You …

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