Cardinal Sin

“Chip. Chip.  Chip. Chip.” “Teacher, teacher. Teacher, teacher, teacher.” I scanned the tree branches searching for the bird with its unmistakeable calls. Ah, there he is, so easy to spot with bright red plumage. Cardinals make me feel satisfied, because they’re the one bird I can always identify. I call him, Mr. Cardinal, and he …

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To Lent or Not to Lent

Tomorrow Lent begins. Drum roll……………….Will you participate this year?  Lent is like Advent. In Advent, we try to wrap our minds around God entering our world as a vulnerable baby. Wow. In Lent, we mull over this God/Man, Jesus, remaining vulnerable to death so we can enter new life. Lent seems to have a pall …

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Out Standing

If a millimeter or second had been off, I would have died by overdosing, impaling, drowning, falling out of a car, colliding with a car on a bike, and suffocating on a lodged carrot. I’m not a stand out person, so why would God orchestrate the right people to be Johnny-on-the-spot in these situations, unless …

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Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Should I or Shouldn’t I? My sister-in-law had planned the menus, pre-marinated, pre-cut, and prepared the food. My brother navigated our paths down dirt roads criss-crossing the brush to fishing ponds and sunset watching locations. My only decision was choosing between boots and athletic shoes. That was the extent of pressure weighing me for 42 …

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Name Calling

Cardinalis cardinalis.   Like an enlightened Hellen Keller, I gorge on names in a Master Naturalist class, running from tree to tree. What’s the name of this tree, that bloom? What kind of frog made that call? Is this a sparkle berry or wild blueberry? I learn an organism’s ecological niche, its diet, predators, behaviors, …

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