Suzanne D Marshall

Colorless January

The red balls and magical lights are packed away. Music listened to last fall plays through the speakers again but sounds tinny after the carols sung last week. In the corner where the Christmas tree stood, now hovers a photo-shot memory. Our beloved people, lounging on couches or crouched over screens, read, work and rest …

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New Year, New Hope

2018! This year has never happened before. We may anticipate some events, but others will surprise us. This January may seem like any other, but the month ushers in a year as unique as you are. 2018 is a gift. We can choose how we unwrap it. Maybe you begin a new role this year …

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Favored by Use

Mary was a virgin betrothed. During that era, a young women married when she was new to womanhood. Mary was close to 12 years of age. Twelve, that’s 6th grade in the USA. What is more remarkable is that she found favor with God. A 12 year old female at that time in Jewish history …

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Zechariah and Angel

Zechariah’s Prayer

We still live in the autumn of our lives, but Zechariah’s prayer wasn’t answered until his winter years. He was serving behind the veil of the temple when the angel, Gabriel, appeared to him and pronounced that Zechariah’s prayer was answered, that Zechariah and Elizabeth would conceive a son. Not only that, but this son …

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Best Gift Ever

A group of people from different races, religious denominations, ages and backgrounds meets at our house every Tuesday night. After we overeat a potluck dinner, we begin our meeting with an innocuous question. I love hearing everyone’s answers. We always laugh, often are amazed, and every time learn something about the people sitting in the …

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