2020 Vision

Three women at a corner table in a cafe pray over salads. They discuss current projects and catch up on their families. When the coffee arrives, Ansley poses a question. “Do either of you have new year’s resolutions?” Leslie answers first, “I make goals more than resolutions.” “What’s the difference?” Sharyn asks. “Goals don’t have …

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Who’s the Boss Here?

Moving boxes, in addition to dozens of antiques collected over the years, crowded my friend’s living and dining rooms. Half the boxes had been loaded in the rented truck, but still no furniture. I handed a box to Philip, the next person in the box brigade, and I spoke my mind. “We can fit boxes …

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Too Intentional??

“It was great running into you. Let’s do lunch.” “I’d love to—stay in touch.” Friends hug and wave goodbye as they step in different directions with their minds already on the next destination. As days pass, then months, their sincere talk of lunch is locked in the past.  To remedy this “out-of-sight/out-of-mind” situation, the zeitgeist …

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Fellowship–Fair or Foul?

A disturbing question confronted me two weeks ago, like an Intervention. It bubbled under the surface in March and April when the Master Naturalist classes were meeting, but I ignored its warnings. On class days, I woke with anticipation, having packed a lunch the night before and set out clothing. During lectures and field trips, …

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New Year, New Hope

2018! This year has never happened before. We may anticipate some events, but others will surprise us. This January may seem like any other, but the month ushers in a year as unique as you are. 2018 is a gift. We can choose how we unwrap it. Maybe you begin a new role this year …

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