Cardinal Sin

“Chip. Chip.  Chip. Chip.” “Teacher, teacher. Teacher, teacher, teacher.” I scanned the tree branches searching for the bird with its unmistakeable calls. Ah, there he is, so easy to spot with bright red plumage. Cardinals make me feel satisfied, because they’re the one bird I can always identify. I call him, Mr. Cardinal, and he …

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Name Calling

Cardinalis cardinalis.   Like an enlightened Hellen Keller, I gorge on names in a Master Naturalist class, running from tree to tree. What’s the name of this tree, that bloom? What kind of frog made that call? Is this a sparkle berry or wild blueberry? I learn an organism’s ecological niche, its diet, predators, behaviors, …

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When Your Home is No Longer Your Children’s Home

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow A baseball cap wedged between the bed and wall, the piano bench pulled out, an empty refrigerator, and piles of sheets and towels, that’s what’s left after a weekend of storytelling, feasting, beaching, and celebrating. Now what? When  our young children ran around the yard playing the imagination game, grandparents …

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