O Come, O Come Immanuel… Again

Advent ponders Jesus first and second comings.  Thinking about God coming as a babe makes me smile, but I rarely think about Jesus’ second coming. Usually that comes to mind when I’m weary of politics and violence or my failure to live faithfully. In those instances, I’m eager for “every knee to bow and every …

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Advent Tug-of-War

I writhe on the green faux-leather couch. I am the center of a tug-of war-with siblings pulling on my arm and leg, yanking, fighting with each other through my body. The couch’s smooth cover and rigid arms both advance and limit my sliding, this way then that, preventing a decisive win for either side. I, …

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Both Hands

Both Hands As I sat down at the kitchen table with a sandwich, the ticking clock sounded loud in the otherwise quiet house. I reached for my laptop but realized what I was doing and pushed the computer away.  Hhmmm.  What if I invited Jesus to have lunch with me? It was a novel idea, …

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