Panic jolts up my scalp. Where am I? I drove this a route several times before, from my university to Fort Hood to see my fiancé. I am somewhere near the halfway point based on time, but at this moment, I cannot find my bearings. Did I pass the turn, or does it still lay …

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Get Ready!

Various items lay on the bed next to an overnight bag. Among the items are a hair brush, a nightgown with the tag still attached, and a tiny outfit covered with puppies. Though this expectant mom packs for her second child, she needs to prepare for him as if he were her firstborn. Remembering what …

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To Lent or Not to Lent

Tomorrow Lent begins. Drum roll……………….Will you participate this year?  Lent is like Advent. In Advent, we try to wrap our minds around God entering our world as a vulnerable baby. Wow. In Lent, we mull over this God/Man, Jesus, remaining vulnerable to death so we can enter new life. Lent seems to have a pall …

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Get Ready, It’s Coming

  I look forward to Lent. How is that possible? Lent is six and a half weeks of examining my darker side, a time of self-denial and of focus on the sacrifice of Christ Jesus. I wish Lent would hurry and get here, because I am sick and tired of indulging myself, literally. I crave …

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First Love

I remember that first love for my husband. I also remember that first love when I grasped Jesus’ love for me. Time has softened the ridges and washouts of both loves, but often my love becomes downright dull. I pull clothes off hangers and sort laundry, spray stains and search pockets. I fold and hang, …

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Live On Easter

The Day After Whew! Lent is over. I almost said, Easter is over, since it was yesterday, but Easter is my every day now. The time of constant self-examination and mourning sin is past. I am a new creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.The old has passed away; …

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